Loan Periods

All circulating resources are loaned for three weeks, with the following exceptions: 

  1. Items in high demand, excluding dvds, are loaned for two weeks
  2. Items loaned to homebound and visually-impaired cardholders, excluding dvds, are loaned for six weeks
  3. Items loaned as a vacation loan, excluding dvds, are loaned for six weeks
  4. Interlibrary items are loaned for six weeks
  5. ‘Hot off the Press’ items are loaned for one week with no holds or renewals permitted
  6. Renewal Periods: All circulating resources may be renewed a maximum of two times
    for a total loan of nine weeks, with the exception of dvds which may be
    renewed once for a total loan of two weeks. All renewals are subject to recall or
    reservations from other cardholders.

Overdue Fines Per Item Borrowed

Material Type Charge / Day Maximum Fine
Adult Resources $0.25  $5.00
Children’s Resources  $0.10 $2.00
Young Adult Resources $0.25 $5.00

Overdue materials

  1. Logging into your library account is the easiest way to keep track of when your items are due.
  2. The Library will email overdue warnings if you have a valid email account in the system.
  3. The final overdue notice is mailed five (5) weeks after the due date. The
    notice lists the title and replacement cost of each overdue item.  
  4. Items will be deemed to have been lost if they have been overdue for twelve (12)
  5. At the discretion of the Chief Librarian, an overdue account may be sent to the
    library’s collection agency. The collection agency’s fee is assessed as a percentage of
    the overdue account and will be added to the cardholder’s overdue account.
  6. Adult and Young Adult cardholders who have reached twenty dollars ($20.00) in
    outstanding fines or other fees, and Child cardholders who have reached ten dollars
    ($10.00) in outstanding fines or other fees will not be allowed to borrow resources
    until their account is paid.
  7. Notwithstanding paragraph 5., accounts may be paid in installments without loss of
    borrowing privileges and accounts may be reduced or waived in very special

Penalties for lost or damaged Items

  1. The original purchase cost if it is available, shall be charged. If this is not available a
    fee for the type of item damaged or lost shall be charged. This charge may be waived
    if an exact replacement copy in new or pristine condition is provided by the
    cardholder. Should the cardholder find a lost item within six (6) months of having
    paid the lost fee for the item, the cardholder shall be reimbursed for the item. After
    the six (6) month period, the item remains the property of the cardholder. 
  2. At the discretion of the Chief Librarian, a processing fee of $5.00 per item may be


The Library provides computers with common software programs and also provides wireless access to the internet. We provide printing, $.10/page black and white, $.50/page colour, and scanning.

Research Services

The public library provides research and information services to all library users in person, by telephone, or electronically through Ask A Question service. Library staff assist people in finding information and answers to questions using the reference collections in the adult non-fiction reference area on the lower floor and in the children's area, accessing the general library collection, searching the library's online databases, and searching the internet.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loans are items that are borrowed from a library outside of the Shortgrass Library System for a member. It is important to note, however, that some items held by other libraries are not available for interlibrary loan. This is often the case with audio/visual material. Interlibrary loan services are provided for free to any person with a current library card, however if the lending library charges the Medicine Hat Public Library to borrow items, that cost will be passed on to the person who requested the loan.

Phone: (403) 502-8538
Email: Contact Interlibrary Loan

Genealogical Research

The library has microform scanner/printers that are often used by people conducting genealogical research. The library also brings in microfilm for genealogical research through interlibrary loan.

Homebound Services

If you are unable to come into the Library due to physical or health restrictions, our collections will come to you!

Homebound Services links volunteers with clients to ensure that everyone has library access! Clients can use homebound services either indefinitely or on a short-term basis.

Homebound Services provides a voluntary reader service to extended care facilities, where volunteers read to patients. In addition, Homebound Services provides deposit collections for nursing and long-term care homes within Medicine Hat. For more information or to become a Homebound Services volunteer, contact the Homebound Services Coordinator at:

Phone: (403) 502-8541
Email: Contact Lynda

Services For The Visually & Physically Impaired

The library provides equipment, media formats, and services to help provide access to library materials for people with visual and/or physical impairments.
We lend out DAISY readers, talking books, audiobooks, descriptive video and more. Please contact Lynda.

Phone: (403) 502-8541
Email: Contact Lynda

Other Off Site Services

The Library maintains a collection at the Vera Bracken college library where you can use your public library card to borrow material. You can have your holds sent to the College if it’s convenient to pick them up from there. You can drop off MHPL materials at the College and they will be returned to MHPL.

On the west end of town we operate a paperback rack at the Airport by donation. Past the south side of town there is a book drop in Dunmore for you to return your library material. Lastly, past the north end of town, the Redcliff Public Library can be your holds pickup location, a place to drop off MHPL materials, and will happily honor your MHPL card.