Become a Board Member

Area of Authority:

Each trustee is responsible for participating in discussion and decision making regarding library policy and expenditures. The Board is collectively responsible for all aspects of library operation.

Requirements for Membership:

  • Willingness to serve on the board and one or more committees.
  • Belief in the importance of libraries and commitment to the Library‚Äôs Vision and Mission statements. 
  • Library membership.


  • Become aware of and fully informed on library matters and issues.
  • Contribute to discussion and decision making at board and commitee meetings.
  • Accept responsibility for the affairs of the library in the five areas of policy, finance, personnel, advocacy, and programs and services.
  • Participates in personal development of trusteeship through orientation, workshops, conferences and interaction with other trustees.
  • Monitor board and trustee effectiveness.
  • Volunteer at events to promote the library in the community.
  • Participate in fund development for ongoing capital projects.

Click here to read the Factsheet for prospective new board members.