A Library Card for EVERY Hatter: #MHPLforYXH

Our goal is to get a library card in the hands of every Medicine Hat resident. Can you help us achieve that?
Posted on 31 March 2021 by Gillian.

To say that the past year has been tough on our community would be an understatement. Some of us have been sick, many of us lost loved ones, and all of us were affected negatively by the global pandemic that rages on. 

We are grateful to the community for supporting us with their patronage during a difficult time. Now it’s our chance to support the community. But we need help to do so. 

For the past few years, we’ve been working toward eliminating card fees. The $5 fee for adults that we charge is not a significantly large barrier, but it is still a barrier to accessing our services. We want to follow the lead of many other public libraries across the province and drop card fees altogether. We had planned to do this in 2020, but COVID threw a wrench in our plans in the form of a large budget cut and service disruptions. 

We know that we can still reach this goal with support from the business community. If you’re interested in helping improve literacy in our community, take a look at the benefits of becoming a Public Sponsor. If you’d like to help your employees learn new skills, become more well-rounded, less stressed, and mentally healthier, have a look at our Employee Sponsorship option. Perhaps you’re passionate about a local organization whose clients would benefit from having free library cards? If so, the Organization Sponsorship is for you. One final sponsorship option is for those who get a sponsored card and feel compelled to pay it forward - we’ve aptly named it the Pay-It-Forward Sponsorship.

Click the button below to read all about this sponsorship campaign and the benefits that you receive for helping us reach our goal of providing A Library Card for Every HatterThank you for supporting your public library. 

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