New Library Card Sponsor: Courtyard Dental

Need a new dentist? The team at Courtyard Dental are well-read and know their way around a drill. Two things we absolutely recommend in a dentist.
Posted on 03 February 2022 by Gillian.

The #MHPLforYXH campaign has a new sponsor! 

Courtyard Dental Centre has donated $1,000 to our Library Card for Every Hatter campaign! These neighbours of ours are great dentists and great community supporters. They reached out to us with the desire to help our community become as well-read as they are. After all, you don't get to be a successful dentist without cracking a few books! And now, thanks to their support, you can come in and get signed up for a library card for FREE! 

If you're in the market for a new dentist in Medicine Hat, Courtyard Dental Centre has a beautiful office with a prime view of the Library! The office is sparkling clean (literally, it sparkles) and the staff are lovely. If you have kiddos at home, it won't be a struggle to get them there when you tell them that they can play on the interactive floor projector while they wait and get a prize when they're done! 

The team of dentists at Courtyard consists of Dr. Jenelle Hyland (a wife, mother, baker, world traveller, and occasional drinker of a fine red wine), Dr. Armes Perrett (an outdoorsy kind of guy with four children), Dr. Mike Lemeshuk (a musical guy with a young family and a Golden Retriever), Dr. Ashley Spitz (a dedicated volunteer, home chef, and parent to both child and dog), and Dr. Kira Smigelski (a farm girl who spends her free time at her second home near Bindloss, AB). Pictured above from left to right, top to bottom. 

Now that you know more about the team, call them at 403-529-1300 to book an appointment so that you can thank them for supporting our library and our community. Just be sure to do it before they turn on the power tools... 

And visit the Library to get your FREE card or renew it online here

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