Five Tips to Help You Read More

Want to read more but have a hard time fitting it into your busy schedule? Not sure what to read? Need some inspiration? Here are five tips to help you read more.
Posted on 20 May 2020 by Gillian.

We're not going to waste your time because we know you have a really good book to get back to, so here are five tips for making reading a part of your daily life. 

1) Get a Library Card!

Library cards help you save money by allowing you to borrow as many books as you want for only $5/year for adults and no cost for children. If you don't have a card, Start a Free Trial

2) Set Goals

Daily reading goals help you to carve out the time you need to get through your book. Start with something like 20 minutes/day or 50 pages/day or a chapter/day. You can also set annual goals for how many books you'd like to power through in the year. Start with something attainable (like 12 per year) and see if you can beat it by year's end.

3) Track Your Reading

Stay accountable to yourself by using a reading tracker. We love goodreads - not only can it help you find your next great read, it also has a handy Reading Challenge built right into the app! You can also see your reading history right in your Bibliocommons account when you sign in with your library barcode and PIN number.

4) Get Inspiration

There are plenty of great bookish accounts to follow on social media that will give you book reviews and recommendations. A few of our favourite Instagram accounts are: Reese’s Book Club, Oprah's Book Club, Crime by the Book, Book Bub, Bookish Canadians, CBC Books, Graphic Novel Book Club, and a recent LOCAL account that we've been swooning over, Kelsey and her Books.

5) Be a Quitter!

For our final piece of reading wisdom: Life is too short to power through a book that you're not enjoying! Please, give yourself permission to quit a book if you just can't get into it! There are plenty of other good books out there; if you need suggestions for what to read next, we're always here to help. Send us a DM on social media at any time - find us @MHPublicLibrary on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Stay well-read, friends.

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