Donut Fundraiser!

McBride's Bakery is holding a donut fundraiser for the Library! All proceeds from their donut sales on March 24th will be in support of our Library Card for Every Hatter initiative! So eat up, Medicine Hat!
Posted on 07 March 2022 by Gillian.

We're well on our way to providing library cards to EVERY Hatter thanks to all of the generous sponsors who've stepped up to help us provide FREE library cards! This donut fundraiser by McBride's Bakery will help to keep our Library Card for Every Hatter initiative alive and well. It will also provide the average Hatter with a great opportunity to support the Library while also filling their bellies with the most delicious treats! 

Support us by placing a pre-order for your donuts; give McBride's a call at 403-527-6811 and let them know how many dozen you require. We'll be at the bakery to greet you with a smile when you come to pick up your treats on the 24th. 

THANK YOU to McBride's for planning this fundraiser and to all of you who will support us through it! 

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