New Library Card Sponsor: Dr. Trevor Brooks Plastic Surgery/Essentials Medi Spa

Posted on 06 February 2024 by Chris Brown.

Dr. Trevor Brooks Plastic Surgery/Essentials Medi Spa has a long list of services it provides to clients. Also long is the list Chelsea Brooks gives when asked what she and her husband Trevor like most about the library.

“It is one of the best spots in town for Hatters of all ages,” writes the office manager and co-owner of the clinic and spa. “Our favourite parts of the library are the many events offered from coffee & conversation meetups, author talks, story times and movies to a hangout space for teens. There is something for everyone.”

Dr. Trevor Brooks Plastic Surgery/Essentials Medi Spa is the current sponsor of #MHPLforYXH. The donation of $2,000 means that 400 adult Hatters can get a FREE library card. (children’s cards are always FREE).

Chelsea says removing a barrier that stops some from accessing what the library offers is why they chose to sponsor the program, which is also known as A Library Card for Every Hatter. A former educator, Chelsea says she has always felt a library is the best place to foster connections and fuel lifelong learners. 

Dr. Trevor Brooks Plastic Surgery/Essentials Medi Spa is considered the premier cosmetic surgery practice in southeast Alberta and do everything in their power to help individuals feel confident in their skin. 

Visit the library to get your FREE card or renew it online. To learn more about the program and the different ways you can be a sponsor visit our A Library Card for Every Hatter page.

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