New Library Card Sponsor: Elizabeth McNally Real Estate Collective

Posted on 09 April 2024 by Chris Brown.

Buying or selling a home can be stressful for everyone involved in the process. Selling one of the city’s premier real estate agencies on sponsoring library cards was the complete opposite.

“As one of the initial sponsors, we were drawn to the program's commitment to literacy—a cause we wholeheartedly support,” says Elizabeth McNally, team lead of Real Estate Collective (REC). “Literacy, to us, is not merely a pursuit but a cornerstone of empowerment. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful endeavour, knowing that fostering literacy fills our cup with fulfillment and purpose.”

McNally and REC sponsored in 2021 when MHPL launched the A Library Card for Every Hatter campaign, also known as #MHPLforYXH. They also sponsored in 2022.

Their $2,000 commitment this year means FREE library cards for 400 adults in Medicine Hat. (kids’ cards are always free).

McNally says Medicine Hat Public Library holds a special place in the hearts of the REC team for being a longstanding fixture in the community and a beacon of knowledge, entertainment and cultural enrichment for generations.

For the community as a whole, McNally says she believes the library is “a safe haven where minds converge, ideas flourish and connections are forged” and also “serves as a vibrant hub where individuals seek refuge, pursue learning and foster a sense of belonging.”

Visit the library to get your FREE card or renew it online. To learn more about the program and the different ways you can be a sponsor visit our A Library Card for Every Hatter page.

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