Getting To Know Corianne: SAIT Practicum Student

Our newest practicum student tells you a little about herself and the books she likes to read.
Posted on 25 January 2021 by Corianne.

Hello! My name is Corianne Rattai. I am a practicum student at the Medicine Hat Public Library. It's been a great experience so far at the Library, meeting all the wonderful staff who work here and getting to know a little of what each of them do. Also, getting to know the different tasks the Library performs. 

I am pleased to tell you all a little about myself and what kind of books and authors I am into. Hopefully, they will intrigue you as well.

A wonderful fantasy series that has recently been turned into a television series is from the author Deborah Harkness. Her series started out with a trilogy called The All Souls Trilogy - A Discovery of Witches. She is currently branching out into more books, and broadening her universe with her newest book called Time’s Convert.

Book one follows a young witch named Diana Bishop who works at the University of Oxford in England as a history of science professor. One day, while in the Bodleian Library looking for manuscripts for her paper, she calls up a mysterious manuscript. Little does she know that this manuscript follows a history and attracts all sorts of supernatural creatures. A vampire by the name of Matthew Clairmont feels its power and from that is able to sense Diana’s powers. He knows that she is in danger because she was the first ever to call up this manuscript that holds the secrets to all supernatural beings and their origins. Matthew must now protect Diana from much more powerful beings who seek to harm her in their efforts to get the manuscript for themselves. 

Another amazing author who has been compared to J.K. Rowling's writing style is Samantha Shannon. She writes an amazing series called The Bone Season, and she has plans to expand it out to be seven books in total. This book series is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy with a bit of steampunk. It follows a girl named Paige Mahoney in a dystopian supernatural world in the year 2059. Paige works for the criminal underworld that is known as Scion London and she is part of what is known as the seven dials. Working in the seven dials is where they can show off their unnatural gifts and use them to their advantage. The bosses in the underworld get their workers to use these gifts to turn in a profit. 

Paige Mahoney is a dream walker, a clairvoyant. One day she is taken to Oxford along with many other clairvoyants just like her. Once there she is placed with a person called Warden. She soon discovers what he is, and those like him are not of this earth. Paige must bid her time until she can escape before these beings continue their plan of slowly disposing each clairvoyant. There are four books in the series with the current one coming out this year called The Mask Falling

Both of these book series are amazing, and I had a hard time putting the books down. I would tell myself, “I’m only reading up to this page today” and end up reading a whole new chapter or more. I hope you are inspired to check these books and authors out. They are pretty amazing and the worlds they have created are spectacular!

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