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Buy Library Merchandise

As part of our 105th Anniversary we added a new addition to our visual identity and launched a brand new merchandise collection! Here you will find a list of products available for you to purchase at the Library.

Baby Onesie (sizes 6, 12, 18 & 24 months): $20

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​Book Bag Reusable Tote: $5

​Canvas Tote Bag: $40

​Candle (made locally by Homestead Candle Co.): $10

Colouring Book: $15

Enamel Pins: $8 each

Face Mask: $13

Fuzzy Reading Socks: $25

Greeting Card (handmade locally by Annette Z): $5

Magnetic Bookmark: $1

Mug (handmade locally by Dixie Baker): $25 (currently sold out)

Sweater - Black Crewneck: Unisex (sizes XS - 2XL): $45

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T-Shirt: Unisex (sizes S - 2XL): $25

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T-Shirt: Ladies (sizes S - 2XL): $25

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T-Shirt: Youth (sizes S - XL): $20

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Throw Pillow (pink, yellow, blue, black): $40

Water Bottle (hot/cold, double insulated): $40