Our current sponsors.

Current Sponsors

$74,300 Co-op Community Spaces grant will fund a community developmental play space

During our South Country Co-op Sponsored BBQ on June 17, 2019 we announced that early in the New Year we will be unveiling a brand new children's library complete with a developmental play space. This project, the only FREE indoor play space in our community, will be completed thanks to a generous $74,300 Co-op Community Spaces grant.

When the project is complete, the children's library will be furnished with a play structure, interactive wall panels, activity stations where learning, building, and exploring will happen, plus new toys, costumes and puppets will be purchased. These additions will benefit the preschool-aged children we serve but we haven't forgotten about the older kids. A tween area will be furnished with a giant tablet and STEM activities.

You may be asking why we would embark on such a project. The answer is simple: Research shows that children learn best when a multi-faceted approach to learning is taken. Combining imaginative play and physical play along with reading is best for the development of our youngsters. Not to mention, we anticipate that families will visit the Library in droves (especially in the dead of winter) to play in our space. Having an increase in young visitors will help us reach our goal of raising lifelong library users.

For making our dream a reality, we owe a giant THANK YOU to Co-op! If you'd like to join us in showing your appreciate to this great, community-minded organization, we encourage you to buy your groceries in their grocery stores, fill you tank at their gas stations, purchase your liquor at their liquor stores, and get your farm/agro products at the agro stores. Find a list of South Country Co-op stores here. 

If you're an adult reading this and wondering what we're doing to improve your library experience: Don't worry, you're next on our project list.

To learn more about the Co-op Community Spaces grant and to see what other projects they've funded in 2019, click here

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TD Bank donates $50,000 to Library Theatre Renovation

On October 18, 2016 we had a celebration at the Library to honour the generous contribution made by TD Canada Trust to our theatre renovation project. 

TD, a frequent sponsor of literacy initiatives, donated $50,000 to the project. We are so thankful for their contribution to this beloved community meeting space.

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CIRA's Community Investment Program + MHPL = Raspberry Pis and Kids

We gratefully acknowledge the support of CIRA's Community Investment Program in launching our Raspberry Pis and Kids coding project. Thanks to this support we were able to purchase Raspberry Pi educational computers, along with add ons like cameras, sensors, LED displays, gas sensors and wiring kits to teach kids the basics of computer programming through hands on learning and real world projects.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority aims to build a better online Canada and we are happy to partner with them to proactively increase digital literacy in the youth of Medicine Hat.

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Additional Donors

We would like to acknowledge these generous folks for donating to the Library in 2018.

  • Avril Torrence
  • Barbara Alison Campbell
  • Beverley Drummond
  • Cancarb
  • City of Medicine Hat
  • Derie-Gillespie Medical
  • Friends of Medicine Hat Public Library
  • Government of Alberta
  • Harriet Lewis
  • Harry Zeller
  • Hilary Munro
  • Ian and Phyllis McLaughlin
  • J.M. David
  • Jason and Christine Prokosch
  • Jody Saka
  • John McClelland
  • Josh and Rose Sanchez
  • Karen Cunningham
  • Kenroc Building Materials
  • Medicine Hat Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Michelle Gaucher
  • Michelle Sauve
  • Rachel Sarjeant-Jenkins
  • Raymond and Lori Townsend
  • RBC Royal Bank
  • REDI Bottle Depot
  • Rick Stieben
  • Robert and Helen Young
  • Shelley Lou Bradshaw
  • Shortgrass Regional Library System
  • Walter Bergstreser
  • Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

Theatre Plaque Purchasers

Thank you to the following people for helping us meet our 2017 fundraising goal by purchasing a theatre seat plaque.

  • Betty Aitken 
  • Sara Joan Armour 
  • Dave & Jane Bahnmiller 
  • Marlene Balser 
  • Drew & Frances Barnes 
  • Norman and RoseMarie Baum 
  • Harvey Berger 
  • Michelle Bien 
  • Scye Binder 
  • Marguerite Blackburn 
  • Rick & Jan Blair 
  • Grant Bray 
  • Shelly Brouwer 
  • Beryl Hamilton 
  • Cameron J Kemp Law Office 
  • Kristin Carlsson 
  • David & Jean Carter 
  • Sharon Clugston 
  • David Cocks 
  • Wayne & Sandra Craven 
  • John & Grace Crisp
  • Janice Croissant 
  • Sandy Czernick 
  • Design Kitchens & Counter Tops 
  • Kristen Desjarlais-deKlerk 
  • Roberta Dixon 
  • Erin Doyle 
  • Elfrieda Eichele 
  • Milenkovitch Eightysix 
  • Sid Ell 
  • Aleise Entem 
  • Bernice Ewasechko 
  • Pauline Fitzgerald 
  • Kaylee Friesen 
  • Liam Gale 
  • Gaslamp Village Media Inc. 
  • Bob & Claudia Gehmlich 
  • John & Nora Hallett
  • Beryl Hamilton 
  • Janet Hamilton 
  • Sharlene Hertz 
  • Carol Hicks 
  • Marilyn Hoffman 
  • Gary Hollingshead 
  • Lorna Hust 
  • Jennifer Hynes 
  • Gino & Pat Iannattone 
  • Jake’s Drywall Ltd. 
  • Marj & Garry James 
  • Eva Jensen 
  • Sharlene Johnston 
  • Lori Karwandy 
  • Kevin & Margaret Kelly 
  • Evelyn Kleis 
  • Darlene Knight 
  • Chris Kohlman 
  • Uwe Krickhahn 
  • Della Kirkham 
  • La Casa Draperies & Blinds 
  • Ken & Sharon La Hay 
  • Dr. Judy Lee 
  • Enid Luk 
  • Linda MacKenzie 
  • Sue Masterman 
  • Jyothis Mathew 
  • Petra Mauerhoff 
  • Michele Mayer 
  • Bob & Judy McGougan 
  • Deborah McIntyre 
  • Edna McKelvie 
  • Phyllis McLaughlin 
  • Medicine Hat Rhyme and Reason Writers’ Club 
  • Dr. Laurie Milne 
  • Janice Montgomery 
  • Sandra Moore
  • Peter Mueller 
  • Hilary Munro 
  • Bridget & Jaus Neigum 
  • Barry Neubauer 
  • Joyce Nichi 
  • Carol O’Brien 
  • Audrey Pavelich
  • Michael Pigott 
  • Jessica Plattner 
  • Rita Ramage 
  • RE/MAX Medalta Real Estate 
  • Rick Redmond 
  • Tina & Trevor Regehr 
  • Gillian Reimer 
  • Sheila Reimer 
  • Carol Ann Cross-Roen 
  • Daniel & Marlene Rugg 
  • Stan & Susan Sakamoto 
  • Kris Samraj 
  • Dixie Schmitz 
  • Ralph & Patricia Schnieder 
  • Philip Scott 
  • Terry & Jan Seitz 
  • Stephanie Sochting 
  • Carol Sproule 
  • David Stickel 
  • Linda Swain 
  • Veronica Swan 
  • Lori Townsend 
  • Bob & Chris Townsend 
  • Art Trupp 
  • Ian & Angela Turner 
  • Heather Vossler 
  • Karen Walchuk 
  • Keith & Val Walker 
  • Robert & Joan Wanner 
  • Blaine & Orrie Whitford 
  • Rod Wutch