Candidate Information: Municipal Election 2021

Election Day is Monday, October 18! We hope this page will help you decide whom to vote for.

We have reached out to all of the mayoral/councillor candidates who are vying for your seat on Medicine Hat's City Council. We asked for a one sentence statement about themselves, a description of their platform, and their statement on libraries. Their unedited responses are included below. To see the full list of candidates running in this Municipal Election, visit the City of Medicine Hat website


About Linnsie

Let’s build on what we have and makes us special, prioritizing what is required for our community, environment, and economy to thrive into the future.

Linnsie's Platform

To secure a prosperous future, we need to reinvest in the people, businesses, and amenities that make Medicine Hat a great place to work and live.

I want a transparent, accountable and collaborative City government that makes decisions based on evidence, using performance metrics to make sure we are on the right track. 

I want a City government that recognizes our value and treats everybody like they are somebody, leading to strengthen our community, environment and economy.

We are a one-of-a-kind City and we deserve innovative leadership that shares our community values and works for all of us!

Statement on Libraries

Medicine Hat Public Library (“MHPL”) is an important part of our community, providing an inclusive place to go, meet and learn. MHPL permits access to resources and materials that might otherwise be inaccessible or unaffordable. MHPL hosts and supports important community programs and provides valuable opportunities to learn and socialize.


About Kelly

I am the Queen of economizing and budgeting during tough times and navigating through crises; I keep my head when others lose theirs.

Kelly's Platform

New Revenue Sources - We can no longer depend on gas and oil.

Better Transit - Crucial to attracting new residents and businesses.

Improving Downtown and the Waterfront - I lived in a place similar to our downtown with the exact same issues. When they revitalized it and developed the waterfront they became the filming locations of TV show Once Upon a Time, blockbuster movies such as Deadpool have filmed there.

Attracting New Residents - COVID taught us people can work from anywhere.

Bring Back Integrity and Fairness to City Hall - I set up a PO Box for whistleblowers.

Statement on Libraries

Libraries are crucial during these times. They serve an incredibly important purpose whether it be to expand your knowledge or just to escape for a while. As a child and now as an adult, reading is my favourite way to escape. Libraries offer so much more than just books nowadays.


About Mandi

I have been involved in our city through volunteering at the YMCA, I served on the Urban Parks and Rec Board and was apart of the Civic Nomination Committee and I am currently a member of the Police Commission, I am here to serve the people through my honest nature and with integrity.

Mandi's Platform

Advocate for the tax payer and residents of our city

Promote Growth

Enhance the Medicine Hat Advantage

Parks, trails and recreation

Having a safe and inclusive city

Statement on Libraries

Libraries play a vital and important role in any city’s success. When I first moved to the area 20 years ago, I did not have a computer and I used the library to search for jobs. I support our library.


About Brian

I have lived in Medicine Hat for 16 years and am married with four children. Most recently, I was the Facility Manager for BATUS.

Brian's Platform

Financial Sustainability: The city is currently within 3% of its debt cap and has nearly doubled the total debt in the last five years. We can correct most of this by not giving money away. For example, the city provided $8.4M to businesses last year, with no services received in return.

Transparency: A lot of what appears untransparent results from communications breaking down between city hall departments. The poor internal communication prevents accurate and full information from reaching the public, giving the city a reputation for being untransparent.

Statement on Libraries

The library has amazing and sufficient facilities. I am committed to ensuring the library continues to have adequate financial support from the city to provide library services and other programs to the public.


About Robert

I am very honored and privileged to have served on City Council as Alderman/ Councillor since first being elected in 2001.

Robert's Platform

I have been the Chair/Vice-Chair of every Standing Committee at City Hall over my years. My day job is an elementary Principal with the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education. I have worked in education for over 25 years. I believe that my experience and proven leadership, coupled with a strong sense of commitment and integrity, makes me a strong candidate for your support for re-election.

Statement on Libraries

The Libraries Act in Alberta sets the groundwork for the establishment of public library boards to provide municipal and regional library service. The Act not only sets out the powers and duties of these boards, but it also gives them full management and control of public library service in our community. I firmly believe in its autonomy from political interference. Libraries need to be funded adequately to continue their public need and mandate. I support that fully.


About Cassi

I want to give back to the city which I’ve been fortunate to be a part of - Medicine Hat has been very good to me.

Cassi's Platform

Once elected for Council, Cassi’s goal is to bring the people of Medicine Hat and Council together and collaborate to find ideal progress for everyone.

Collaborate & engage with surrounding communities/areas to support local businesses in our city. Investing more economic funds for the enhancement, progress & growth of our community.

Open a dialogue between the vulnerable population and the community of Medicine Hat to find a level of harmony and have transparent communication with the residents of Medicine Hat and its City Council.

Statement on Libraries

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful place like the Medicine Hat Public Library in our community. MHPL offers many services that enhance the lives of many people. A place where citizens, young & old, have access to a wonderful supply of endless of books, media, information & programs.


About Jay

Former manager with CHAT 94.5 & MY96 and restaurateur. Spearheaded the Medicine Hat Food Drive and The Sandfly Music Festival. Sports coach and administrator for 25 years. Ride yearly to cure kid’s cancer.

Jay's Platform

  • Strong supporter of the River District Development.
  • Committed to a viable and growing transit system including MHT Now.
  • Proponent of active public discussion of the Recreation Master Plan.
  • Transparency is key to building trust.
  • Restrict closed-door meetings to ONLY those required by Municipal Government Act.
  • Ensure a proper study with public input for the Invest Medicine Hat project.
  • Implement a “Value-for-Money” approach to civic government spending.
  • Emphasis on greener operations and attracting climate responsible industries.

Statement on Libraries

Libraries are vital to our community, helping younger families with a broad range of services in particular. The resiliency demonstrated as the world transitions to digital must be applauded. I still relish the feel of a new book and discovering a new favourite author and the library is still the best place to do that.


About Marco

Marco realized it was one thing to complain about the City’s governance and another to put himself forward to attempt to do something about it.

Marco's Platform

Marco has two pillars to his platform:

Transparency: Too often, committee and council meetings are held partially or entirely closed to the public. There are no records kept of attendance, discussions, or any decisions made. To address this lack of transparency, I will not move, second, or vote in favour of closing the meeting unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Representation: Elected officials should never vote “their conscience” when doing so goes against the will of their constituents. Marco will prioritize understanding the will of the people and act on it.

Statement on Libraries

High quality library services are crucial to the intellectual, social and mental well-being of the community. A good library helps create a good community.


About Praveen

Let’s Make a Difference! You need a representative that will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community, and earn your respect. For someone who truly cares for your community, look no further.

Praveen's Platform

We all know we have gone through rough times in last two years because of Covid, it’s time to recover & give back to our community! Responsible budgeting, Economic Recovery, Business Diversity, Mental Health, Traffic Safety & Communication & senior citizens support are my main agenda but there is a lot more we can do to make this city great again!

For a detailed description please visit my website

Statement on Libraries

I am impressed with the way Medicine hat public library is being maintained below are few achievements & suggestions for the betterment. 

Achievements: Craft Items offered for kids of all ages; Co-op community development area; Free library cards with the help of our sponsors; Movie’s sessions.

Suggestions: I believe in engaging youth in the technology therefore, it will be great to set some robotic or Lego room for teens so they don’t have to think about what they should do in winters when they cannot hangout with their friends out in the open spaces.


About Allison

I love people, animals, learning, and growth. I am committed to serving my community in a way that honours the best interest of the community as a whole.

Allison's Platform

I have a person first approach to leadership and hope to see Medicine Hat become a place where:

  • community engagement is promoted and encouraged, where a vision for the future is developed together
  • where safe and healthy communities are maintained and promoted (more bike-able, walk-able, and easy-to-connect-in spaces)
  • where minority groups (low socioeconomic, LGBTQ+, FNMI, POC) have a seat at the table and are always part of the conversation
  • where post covid social and economic recovery is possible because of long term, thoughtful, research based strategic planning.

Statement on Libraries

Libraries are: shelters for the vulnerable; a place where people of all ages and all beliefs are not only encouraged to think for themselves but accepted when they do; a quiet safe space for everyone to enjoy reading, watching, writing, and learning. Libraries support the social, emotional and intellectual needs of our community.


About Nicholas

Power engineer by trade but also a polymath, constantly studying. I’m going to take a democratic mandate to the province and get a long overdue University built.

Nicholas' Platform

I’m running for council to take a mandate to the provincial government to get a long overdue university built here. Power Engineer by trade, an energy infrastructure expert, but my background is found in books. I’ve spent many years studying history, philosophy, and anthropology, including three weeks of field experience in Romania. Much thanks to the MHPL, I’ve been able to study some law, political science, and policy analysis as well. 

I have behind-the-scenes political experience, and I felt it was time to take the reins. 

Statement on Libraries

Huge library fan! I’m constantly using the MHPL’s resources.

A second southside campus is long overdue!


About Ramona

I have worked for 20 years as Crown Prosecutor to become a name you know and trust.

Ramona's Platform

What will I do if elected to City council?

1. Make informed financial decisions

2. Bounce back from the pandemic

3. Value our Seniors

4. Address Social issues in Medicine Hat

5. Maintain Medicine Hat’s Quality of Life

Statement on Libraries

I believe that the Medicine Hat Public Library is the heart of the community by giving everyone access to materials and programs that enhance their daily lives. Every time I walk through the door I feel happy and so do thousands of others!


About Rockford

I am a community member, business owner and father that wants to create a better city for my children and their children to enjoy. 

Rockford's Platform

Attract new and different business to our city to grow and create employment and tax revenues.

Retain current business and industries by working together and fostering and healthy business community.

Fiscal restraint is very important to maintain low taxes and provide the best public services possible.

Transparency and Accountability is important in any environment and it should be just as important in municipal governments as well.

Statement on Libraries

The Library is absolutely paramount in any city. I understand cut backs needed to be made, but community pillars like the MHPL should be the last to be affected. There is a lot of wasteful spending in different city departments that could be cut back before the MHPL should have even been considered in cost cutting.


About Shila

Shila has a known presence and reputation for being authentic, transparent and willing to deep dive to find the root cause of issues, resulting in better solutions.

Shila's Platform

Shila Sharps prides herself on the ability to stand up in tough situations and speak the truth. The community of Medicine Hat is beautiful and one thing that can add to our quality of life is embracing the diverse backgrounds of the residents that call that city home. Shila wants to learn from all of the city residents so that there are more voices heard. And the number one promise Shila makes is to treat you with the respect you deserve.

Statement on Libraries

We need to remember the role that Medicine Hat Public Library holds in the community is that they help people to locate information which helps create better informed communities; they promote lifelong learning and literacy in the community; and build connections between individuals, and government.


About Jeremy

Founder of iFIX Phones. One of the original creators of the United Way Spirit of Christmas feast. Education in municipal government while helping  create BREWD.

Jeremy's Platform

Jeremy’s platform encompasses small business advocacy, with a creation of a department of small business advocacy within City Hall.

A push for municipal governments to take more of an active role in low-cost affordable housing for first-time homeowners and low income families.

A hard push to make seniors lives better in our community. Senior Care and Senior Workforce Development.

Statement on Libraries

The Library has become so much more than just a source for knowledge. It has become an important place for all people, from all demographics, to come together and feel accepted in our community. It is of vital importance that the public library be supported now and in the future.


About Charles

I am a local Master Electrician, starting his own company, and wanting to bring a new voice to our council.

Charles's Platform

  1. Work with Police to offer what tools they need to assist in reducing all of the petty theft going on within our city.
  2. Offer a non-guaranteed paycheck view on how our City is run.
  3. The council of 2013-2017 (a majority of our current council) denied an Urgent Care Center from coming into our city.  I want to fight for our city to get an Urgent Care Center, bringing down our wait times for medical aid.
  4. Our utility rate is based on averages.  That is NOT an advantage.  This goes with the continual influx of new and existing service fees that keep getting added to our bills.

Statement on Libraries

Our MH Library is a highly undervalued resource that strives to provide a small town experience with major City Center opportunities.


About Alison

Alison Van Dyke is the Food Security Coordinator with Community Food Connections Association and spearheaded the successful campaign and petition to stop the potential sale of our electric utilities.

Alison's Platform

Let’s create a prosperous community by providing recreational opportunities, robust government and public services, and an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture focused on social development. We will achieve that by:

  • Maintaining ownership and profitability of our electric utilities.
  • Giving priority to local business and willingness to address needs with innovative solutions.
  • Advocating for provincial and federal dollars to diversify and grow our economy.
  • Ensuring City contracting and Council conduct follow rules of fairness and transparency.
  • Maximizing existing public infrastructure/facilities before committing funds to costly new developments.
  • Improving the quality and walkability of neighbourhoods through decentralized, local, and accessible services.

Statement on Libraries

Medicine Hat Public Library is exceptional in meeting the needs of its patrons. Libraries are friendly, accessible and egalitarian places. We must prioritize funding to the library for its vital role in addressing community education and economic disparity.


About Brian

I am married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Part owner of a landscaping company. My passion is to make Medicine Hat a great place to live.

Brian's Platform

As your councilor, I will continue to commit that our City will:

  • Continue to execute the Accelerated Financial Fit for our city’s sustainability
  • Continue to support all businesses within our city and promote economic development
  • Promote our city through Tourism and Sports Tourism
  • Provide services that are valued by all citizens in police, fire, and facilities
  • Keep our utilities and taxes fair and affordable
  • Continue to improve city infrastructure through Municipal, Provincial, and Federal grants
  • Continue to be open and transparent with City Council decisions

Statement on Libraries

The library is a vital part of our community. It is valuable to many different backgrounds within our city. Whether it is utilized for education, personal, or pleasure, everyone benefits from having a library.


About Brian

I am a long-time resident of Medicine Hat focused on service to the people. My entire career was with Fire Services, recently retiring as Deputy Chief, after 40 years.

Brian's Platform

My platform focuses on: Fiscal Responsibility, Revitalization of Downtown, Closing of Rec Facilities and the sale of Electric Generation.

Plans require SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) goals must be implemented. The city must control spending to assist in reduction of the increasing debt ratio and shortfall in the operating budget. There is no plan, only a vision to revitalize downtown, the people must be brought together to create a shared vision that evolves into a plan. The sale of Electric Generation is not an acceptable solution currently.

Statement on Libraries

The Public Library plays an important role for the people of Medicine Hat providing access to a variety of books, media and educational materials. It is one of the corner stones of the community. They are continually updating and improving their service to the community.


About Paul

I am a very hard worker and enjoy researching and solving problems. I look at all options and narrow down the best solution.

Paul's Platform

My platform is specifically directed to creating a council that is innovative, transparent, and cooperative. We are in unusual times and that means we must find new solutions. Our city would become even more vibrant and attractive if we build our tax base. We need to attract more population and business. Recreation facilities that meet the needs of our residents and beautifully maintained outdoor spaces are a priority. A vibrant city will draw more people.

Let’s get our Medicine Hat advantage back.

Statement on Libraries

Our library is a valued asset and is a vibrant and innovative organization. Not just a place for books but also a gathering place. I remember doing music exams in the theatre as a child. The Medicine Hat public library is a true gem!


About Justin

I am a local business owner, father, and community volunteer. I had my management career start in the Hat 15 years ago, and I have been fortunate to be able to manage several businesses around this great province. I volunteer with MyCityCare Medicine Hat and through coaching hockey.

Justin's Platform

As a candidate, I aim to bring a family focused, financially responsible approach to council, where we protect and expand our great community assets. As a city, we need to expand our workforce population, diversify our economical portfolio to expand into new markets, and create an environment that encourages entrepreneurial growth and development. We need to become better and more attractive to investment than our competition (other municipalities). As a city, we need to build a legacy of good social and economic stewardship for the generation of Hatters that follow, that will continue to make this a great city to raise a family in.

Statement on Libraries

Our local amenities, such as the Medicine Hat Public Library and our rec centers are the backbone to the family dynamic in this city. We need to ensure we are expanding their presence in our communities. I believe the library is more than just a place of knowledge; it’s a catalyst of stronger family bonds through imagination, creativity, and quality time spent reading together. A place that provides shelter, growth, and (in some ways) healing for the mind and soul. An escape. A well-done library can be the greatest strength for a community’s growth.