Crafting with the Library

Librarians tend to be a very crafty bunch. Here's a list of our favourite isolation creations that we shared with you virtually during the pandemic.
Posted on 20 July 2021 by Gillian.

From tie dye shirts to tissue paper art, we did a BUNCH of crafts during the pandemic to keep our hands (and our minds) busy. We shared these with you on our YouTube Channel and our social media pages. Here we round up the most popular craft programs and tell you why you should give them a try yourself.

How to Make Your Own Tie Dye with Coloured Sharpies

Our most popular craft video by far was this video of our Youth & Community Librarian, Stephanie demonstrating two different methods for tie dying your clothing with coloured sharpies. 

Why should you try it?
Because tie dye designs are back in style! And designing your own gives you creative freedom and costs less, especially if you're using a shirt that you already own! You might have to buy the sharpies but we guarantee you can find other uses for those in the future. 

How to Make Your Own Suncatcher

Another popular craft that we also delivered as an Adult Craft-To-Go Kit was this tutorial on how to make your own suncatcher. This craft is very simple and you likely have all the supplies you need in your house!

Why should you try it?
We're living in Canada's sunniest city of Medicine Hat, Alberta
so why not take advantage of all that sunlight and create something beautiful to hang in the window to accentuate the suns powerful rays?

Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

This tissue paper craft is another one that we delivered as an Adult Craft-To-Go Kit. It's great for allowing you to be super creative and create a masterpiece that looks similar to a watercolour painting!

Why should you try it?
If you would love to create a watercolour painting but don't quite have the artistic skill to make it, you can use this simple cheat to create a masterpiece that all your friends will be in awe of. 

How to Make a Wire Photo Holder

This cute little photo holder is a simple craft that you can make with basically only a piece of wire and a rock. 

Why should you try it?
Use your polaroid to take photos of your friends and then gift it to them along with one of these adorable photo holders. They will be touched by your thoughtful gesture and will cherish it... forever, probably. 

Learn How to Cross Stitch

Cross stitching is a fun little hobby that is making a resurgence these days. Learn how to create a beautiful cross stitch piece by reading our blog post and watching Part 1 and Part 2 of our learn to cross stitch series. 

Why should you try it?
Once you master the basics of the cross stitch technique, you'll be able to create fun little designs like these family portraits

No-Sew Infinity Scarf and Tote Bag

These two craft activities focus on upcycling your old t-shirts to create something new: An infinity scarf or a tote bag

Why should you try it?
Because you can make something old new again! 

How to Create Your Own Fidget Spinner

Do you have a bunch of old CDs at home and no way of playing them? Yeah, so do we. Put them to good use by creating your own fidget spinner with this tutorial!

Why should you try it?
Because what else are you going to do with all those CDs? And getting out of your head by focusing on a motor activity is an accessible mindfulness activity.  

Make Your Own Camp Bracelet in Honour of Percy Jackson

We shared this craft on the 15th anniversary of the Percy Jackson books, but you can easily use the tutorial to teach yourself how to make a friendship bracelet, or just a cute bracelet that you can wear for any occasion! 

Why should you try it?
Because this craft takes a decent amount of concentration which will get you out of your head for a little while. Plus, you'll have a beautiful little accessory to wear that will remind you of the experience of creating. 

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